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The Sunrise Standortfonds are our choice for building wealth via long term savings plans and investments.


The Sunrise Active Opportunities fund offers access to a unique set of investment strategies which provide superior risk reduction compared to traditional diversifying strategies but is less liquid compared to the Sunrise Global Opportunities fund

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Standortfonds Österreich

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Invest now

Why Standortfonds Österreich

Highest expected return

With equity funds, attractive returns can be achieved. However, the price development fluctuates strongly.

Transparent value creation

Companies are focused on making a profit. With the fund, you secure your share of it.

Easy and free access

The Standortfonds Österreich is available via standard brokerage accounts and via the Sunrise app.

Investment strategy

Globally diversified equity funds are the basis for a promising, long-term investment strategy. Of course, the price development of pure equity funds is often subject to high fluctuations. A risk that you must be aware of before you buy. At the same time, the relationship between original added value and return is so clear for few other financial products. As a share owner of an equity fund, you indirectly become a co-owner of a large number of companies. And as such, you own the profits, whether distributed or reinvested, of the companies included.

The Austrian Location Fund, particularly in combination with the Sunrise app, is trying to make this connection particularly clear. The fund includes companies, whether international or national, that create value in Austria. Either because their products or services play a major role in this country, such as Apple telephones, or because they give jobs to many people in Austria, such as Austrian Post or international companies such as Siemens, Novartis or Microsoft, to name just a few.

In fund management, we ensure that the allocation to major global sectors is largely the same as that of a traditional world fund. For example, the Austrian Regional Fund invests approximately the same percentage in the technology sector as, for example, products that replicate current world stock indices. This has very positive effects on the risk/return ratio compared to local funds, such as products that replicate the leading Austrian index ATX. A nice overview can be found on fondsweb.de.

Since, due to our location focus, we invest roughly the same amount in oil & gas as the traditional World Fund, but this allocation does not take the form of an investment in the largest oil & gas company in the world, Exxon Mobil, but in OMV, the fund also invests significantly more in companies that are quoted in euros than traditional world funds. While companies listed in euros often only represent less than 10% of fixed assets there and companies that are listed in US dollars represent around 70% of the fund's assets in return, the ratio in the Austrian location fund is balanced. Around 50% of the fund's assets are invested in companies that are listed in euros, and around 50% in companies that are quoted in foreign currencies (primarily US dollars, British pounds and Swiss francs). As a result, the foreign exchange risk of the local fund is significantly lower than that of traditional world funds.

To this end, we value investing more money from our investors in companies that are pioneers in sustainability within their industry. The Austrian Location Fund therefore also meets the requirements of Article 8 of the EU Disclosure Regulation.

Well, the legally required information can be found in the key information document, which is always available in the latest version on the IQAM Invest website. There you will also find the financial reports with all the details.

We already refer to the Sunrise app above, where we make the location fund available, in which we prepare news from the everyday life of companies for you. So that they not only become co-owners but also start to feel like they are. Why is that important? Because we believe it will help you become a successful investor. This requires trust in the investment strategy. And what creates more trust than transparency? Keyword transparency: Find out more than you ever wanted to know about an investment strategy in the Sunrise Capital podcast:) Available on all common platforms.

Fund manager

The Austrian Location Fund is managed by Thomas Niss.

Data, Documents and Performance

For up-to-date information please visit the website of the fund's administrator IQAM Invest.

Die fund's ISIN is AT0000A1QA38.

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Find the right strategy


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