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The Sunrise Standortfonds are our choice for building wealth via long term savings plans and investments.


The Sunrise Active Opportunities fund offers access to a unique set of investment strategies which provide superior risk reduction compared to traditional diversifying strategies but is less liquid compared to the Sunrise Global Opportunities fund

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Investing in our funds is cheap and seamless with the Sunrise app. However, our funds are available through all major investment platforms. Simply search for their ISIN and you should be ready to invest via your existing brokerage account.

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Sunrise Dividends and Interest

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Key features

Balanced risk and return profile

Historically value classes like bonds have lower volatility compared to equities and thus reduce the risk in mixed asset portfolios.

Easy and free access

The Sunrise Dividends and Interest fund is available via standard brokerage accounts and via the Sunrise app.

Investment strategy

The Sunrise Dividends and Interest Fund will become available for investment in Q4 2024.

The Sunrise Dividends and Interest Fund invests around 65% of its assets in global equities and around 35% in government bonds and other diversifying asset classes. The fund holds at least 70% of its assets in financial instruments denominated in euros.

While the annual distribution of Sunrise location funds is limited to the collection of the necessary taxes and therefore does not result in any automatic inflow among investors, the dividends from the companies are invested in new shares in the location fund and thus have a positive effect on the price of the funds, the Sunrise Dividends and Interest pays out all dividends and interest received as well as sales proceeds generated, so that an attractive annual payout to the share certificate even after taxes have been paid Owners are to be expected.

The fund's equity allocation is focused on investing in national and international companies with high and stable dividend payouts. As part of portfolio management, we ensure that Sunrise Dividends and Interest, like our local funds, also has broad sector diversification.

In addition to investing in shares of around 100 companies, the fund primarily invests in government bonds denominated in euros with the highest credit ratings, in particular Germany and Austria. In addition to generating interest income, the focus is on reducing fluctuations in the overall portfolio and thus the price of the fund when selecting bonds.

Fund manager

Thomas Niss is responsible for the fund's portfolio management.

Data, Documents and Performance

Further information on opportunities and risks as well as the fund's financial statements can be found on the management company's website IQAM Invest.

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