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The Sunrise Standortfonds are our choice for building wealth via long term savings plans and investments.


The Sunrise Active Opportunities fund offers access to a unique set of investment strategies which provide superior risk reduction compared to traditional diversifying strategies but is less liquid compared to the Sunrise Global Opportunities fund

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Average Performance Per Year*

Our singular focus is on growing your wealth.
*Annual capital-weighted return of the mean (median) investor portfolio from all Sunrise Securities GmbH portfolios active on July 3, 2024. Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
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Sunrise Active Opportunities

Our choice for growing existing wealth

Invest in a mix of equities and best in class alternative investment strategies 
otherwise accessible only to institutional investors for strong expected returns with lower risk compared to all equity strategies.

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Sunrise Active Opportunities
FvS Multiple Opportunities I Rs
LGT Premium Strategy GIM Class EUR Bs
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Sunrise Standortfonds Österreich

Think local, invest global

The Standortfonds Österreich is a global equity fund with a focus on 
companies that create value in Austria. It is far less exposed to foreign 
currency risk than traditional global equity funds while offering superior sector diversification compared to traditional regional funds.

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of Sunrise Savings Plans (beginning of the month execution) have a positive return
Savings Plans were active last month
million Euro Assets und Management (across all Sunrise funds)
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Sunrise Dividends and Interest

Diversification with daily liquidity

You want to be able to withdraw your money daily but don’t feel comfortable with an equity only strategy like our Standortfonds? In this case the Sunrise Dividends and Interest fund is right for you.

The fund will be available for investment in Q4 2024.

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About Us

The owner and portfolio manager of Sunrise Securities and his family are significant investors in each of the Sunrise funds ensuring the highest level of alignment of interest.

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IQAM Invest, a wholly owned subsidiary of DEKA Investments, is the administrator of the funds we manage. IQAM is responsible for, inter alia, fund reporting and generating the official fund documents.
Raiffeisen Bank International is our key banking partner. RBI safekeeps the assets of the funds, executes our trades, safekeeps the fund units held by our custody business, and supports us in executing client transaction.

Thomas Niss is the founder, owner and portfolio manager of Sunrise Securities. He makes the final decisions about the investments made by the funds. He graduated from Stanford Business School in 2006 and has been involved in investments ever since.

Christian McFadden is the co Portfolio manager of the Sunrise Active Opportunities fund with a focus on the liquid alternatives space. Christian is a rare expert in the field with over 20 years of experience. Christian and Thomas first met at Stanford.

Elisabeth Hammer is a managing director of Sunrise Securities responsible for risk management. She leads the company's work with a number of independent outside consultants to ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance at Sunrise Securities.

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